The Muehlbauer Group of Companies is the world market leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing of high end automation systems for Semiconductor and Smart Card industries. Based in Germany and with world wide operations we are seeking for dynamic individuals to be part of our expanding team. Founded in 1981, the Muehlbauer Group has grown to a proven one-stop-shop technology partner for the smart card, ePassport, RFID and solar backend industry. Further business fields are the areas of micro-chip die sorting, carrier tape equipment, as well as automation, marking and traceability systems. Muehlbauer’s in-house precision parts and systems segment produces high precision components both for the manufacturing of its own products and to other manufacturers in sensitive industries such as aerospace, motorsports, medical and semiconductor industry. At Muehlbauer, we believe in helping you develop your experiences, skills and talents to its fullest potential and at the same time, have success! Open and straightforward communication forms the basis for your work approach of appreciation and trust in others. Changes are chances for you and you take initiative rather than waiting for others. You are flexible and willing to expand your horizon based on your experiences and knowledge every day to become even more professional. We expect you to work hard and play harder. Together, we will make it happen. The Muehlbauer Group of Companies is the world market leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing of high end automation systems for Semiconductor and Smart Card industries with more than 2800 employees in 29 locations worldwide and the headquarter based in Roding (Germany). Mühlbauer is a global, independent system partner of international industrial enterprises and governments for the complete technology and know-how transfer for the production of electronic ID documents. With our turn-key production and software solutions developed and produced in our core business area RFID, semiconductor, Cards & TECURITY, our customers successfully implement the introduction of electronic passports, ID cards as well as further card-based applications such as bank cards. For strengthening our Global Sourcing team we are looking for the new members for our new location company and factory based in Wuxi; Muehlbauer Technologies (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech foreign invested company with factory located in Wuxi, the headquarter is located in Roding Germany, As a international and global manufactured company, we are focusing on increasing world top technology. For internal and international increasing demand, we are expanding our team and setting up factory in Wuxi with over 100 employees and will supply advance training for world wide. Further Information on Muehlbauer and further challenging vacancies are available on the website , looking forward for your visiting us at :www.muehlbauer.de 展开 公司地址:新区华谊路23号 (邮编:214135) 地图 公司官网:http://www.muehlbauer.de *发布本招聘广告企业的营业执照名称: 该公司所有职位 筛选:所有 按地区 按职能 按薪资 所有 上海 无锡 无锡-滨湖区 扬州 所有 销售经理 会计 大学/大专应届毕业生 实习生 电子/电器维修工程师/技师 销售工程师 售前/售后技术支持工程师 电工 所有 2-3千 4.5-6千 6-8千 2-2.5万 Service Engineer 服务工程师 3-4年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 扬州 6-8千/月 02-24 Assembly Technician 装配技师 - 实习生 无工作经验 | 中专 | 招2人 无锡 2-3千/月 02-24 财务实习生 无工作经验 | 大专 | 招1人 无锡 2-3千/月 02-24 Sales Manager 销售经理 - 标签,包装,印刷行业 3-4年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 上海 2-2.5万/月 02-24 Sales Manager 销售经理 - 标签,包装,印刷行业 3-4年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 无锡 2-2.5万/月 02-24 Service Engineer 服务工程师 3-4年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 上海 6-8千/月 02-24 Assembly Technician 装配技师 - 应届毕业生 无工作经验 | 大专 | 招1人 无锡 4.5-6千/月 02-24 Service Engineer 服务工程师 3-4年经验 | 本科 | 招1人 无锡-滨湖区 6-8千/月 02-24 上一页1 下一页
蓝威龙(noveli)于1907年诞生于英国,最初被指定为英国宫廷贵族制作服饰。随后经过发展,noveli以***骑车的标志发展为自身注册商标。蓝威龙人经过近百年的努力,已发展成为集商标代理、投资管理、进出口贸易、服装、皮具等为一体的综合性企业。 公司使命就是在以尊重个人为一切的前提之下,以专业为天职,用齐备的专业人才,秉承“专业源于知识,专业源于智慧,专业源于创新,专业源于严谨,专业创造价值”的企业经营管理理念,为客户提供***方案,让客户可以高枕无忧。 顺河迁阱服务企业网拟投资一家网络科技有限公司,专业从事btoc网络商务平台,特招聘以下人员,网页架构设计、网页美工设计、网页程序设计、网络采购员、营销总监、设计总监。 浙江蓝威龙商标代理有限公司因业务需要招聘若干名商标代理人。 展开 公司地址:杭州市延安路9号吴山名楼6022 (邮编:310002) 地图 公司官网:www.cnbt.com.cn

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